Data Discovery vs Service Discovery

bigdataWith huge amounts of data being created and stored across multiple systems in different formats across the enterprise, Big Data has become a big issue for many organizations. The demand for real-time (or near real-time) information from multiple systems of record is forcing companies to rethink their current data strategy by placing mission critical information at the center of the IT portfolio. One of the biggest challenges that organizations face with this new data strategy Continue reading

Government and Open Source Software

Published a new article on Government and Open Source Software.

Government and Open Source Software
— For the past several years, US Government agencies have shown an increased interest in open source software. Most people will be surprised to learn that the reason for so much interest by the government in open source software is really based on the government acquisition process and how the open source business model relates to this process.

Zen and the Art of SOA

Many organizations are struggling to find balance and harmony on their journey to embrace service-oriented architecture (SOA).  There are many reasons for this discord, including the background and skill sets of the team members, natural friction created by company organization, and even the prevailing company culture.  These factors tend to influence how an organization approaches SOA, and more often than not results in an organization focusing too much time on one specific area and creating an imbalance between the other areas.

So how does an organization achieve balance?  The answer is pretty simple…

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What is SOA Governance?

Lots of buzz around SOA Governance and what it means.  David Linthicum talked about this in a recent posting and broke it down into Design Time Governance and Runtime Governance. While I think this is the most popular break down of SOA Governance, I believe there is more to the whole Governance concept as demonstrated by the quote below. Continue reading

The Beginning of the End for SOA?

The post from Anne Thomas Manes on the end of SOA has caused a bit of ruckus in the IT world over the past week or so.  Folks from eWeek and ebizq have all blogged in response to this, as well as the numerous comments from everybody in response to these postings and I figured I would join the fray.

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