Open Source Software Use in the Government

Proponents of open source software use in the government were elated when Assistant Secretary of Defense Networks & Information Integration (ASD(NII)) DoD CIO David Wennergren issued the “Clarifying Guidance Regarding Open Source Software (OSS)” memorandum in 2009.   In this memorandum, open source was classified as “commercial computer software”, putting it on par with commercial off the shelf software (COTS) from software vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle.

In addition, the memorandum also provided clarification on DoD Instruction 8500.2,

“Information Assurance (IA) Implementation” (reference (g)) includes an Information Assurance Control, “DCPD-1 Public Domain Software Controls,” which limits the use of “binary or machine-executable public domain software or other software products with limited or no warranty,” on the grounds that these items are Continue reading

The Road to $1 Billion

Based on reports, Red Hat Inc. is close to joining the $1 Billion dollar club for FY2012.   First, congratulations are in order as not many software companies ever reach this mark. Second, this is a testament to the big business of free and open source software.

Having worked at BEA for several years prior to the Oracle acquisition, I couldn’t help but wonder how this compared to BEA’s path to $1B and decided to do a bit of research and decided to share what I discovered. Continue reading