Oracle – Integration but Not Innovation

One had to expect that Oracle would eventually have to do something to remain relevant in a Big Data world. So the announcement on January 10th regarding a Big Data Appliance comes as no surprise. Upon closer inspection it is clear that this appliance is just an amalgamation of products from past acquisitions and some open source projects. Components include:

  • Oracle NoSQL (Berkeley DB from Sleepycat Software)
  • Oracle HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (from Sun Microsystems — though the JRockit JVM acquired from BEA is better)
  • Oracle Linux (A distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • Apache Hadoop (Cloudera’s distribution)
  • An open source distribution of R
  • All running on hardware technology acquired from Sun

After looking at the list, one would have to think that integration not innovation is the mantra ringing through the halls in Redwood Shores.