What Does Your Choice in Soda Say About You?

What do Diet Dr. Pepper, Michelob Ultra, Cracker Barrel, Brooks Brothers, and Jaguar all have in common? At first glance you would think not much, but in reality, these items reflect preferences by Republicans that vote. On the opposite side of the spectrum, apathetic Democrats prefer 7-UP, Milwaukee’s Best, Church’s Chicken, Burlington Coat Factory, and Plymouths.

Welcome to the world of Big Data!

A world where the soda or beer you drink, the car you drive, the stores you shop at and the internet sites you visit can provide clear insight into your political preferences. (the Atlantic has more information here.)

A world where you know its Summer based on frequency of internet searches for the term “ice cream”. (The lecture by Peter Norvig is worth watching)

A world where a company can tell if you are pregnant and guess the due date just by the products you buy. (A great article on Forbes.com shared this example)

A world where a professional baseball team can use data and statistics to field a team with only $41M in salary and compete with teams that spent $125M in salary. (Check out Moneyball and Sabermetrics)

With 90% of the worlds information having been created in the past two years and an estimated 2.7 zettabytes of data to be created in 2012 we are just getting warmed up in what we can learn from all this data.

As for me, I learned that because I like Diet Mt. Dew, drive a GMC, eat at The Cheesecake Factory, shop at Nordstroms, and watch The Food Network that I am either a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat